Susanville Symphony

Susanville Symphony and Gunhild Carling conducted by BenWade

Today at 5 pm in Susanville California

Jazz, classical music, rock


High School Concert

I had the great pleasure to play a jazz concert for 800 high school kids in Susanville California. Together with classic New Orleans tunes we drove the whole school wild and happy. We sang and paraded and everybody danced Charleston and swing. In the band played Ben Wade and other musicians from the Susanville Symphony.


Gunhilds Sunday poll

Friends !!!!! What dress do you vote for My Paris Concert tonight? Love you all!!!❤️

Gepostet von Gunhild Carling am Sonntag, 9. September 2018

Vote for dress


Photos of the week

We have moved to America California

My first week was a great experience. The amusement park Great America, searching for a New piano, build up a studio . Great neighborhood. Yesterday i was back in Europe again to play in Amsterdam and then Paris .



AMSTERDAM Im so Happy for Having the greatest music to play with the best musicians.

And what a wedding We played at.

Thanks to everybody


Gunhild Carling to New York

NEW YORK FRIENDS!!! PLEASE JOIN US!!! Use the discount code below! Tickets: