Crazy Rhythm… 

Crazy rhythm — crazy busy — crazy life.
Are you feeling the hectic pace of modern life in the 21st century?  Just like in the machine age, we’re producing, producing, producing — never stopping to rest.
There’s always something to do whether it’s checking your phone for the latest news from family and friends, rushing to work for an action-filled day that’s mind boggling, or trying to get a few things done at home in the evening and weekends in order not to fall behind.
Has your life become a road rally or rat race without any relief in sight?  Are you burned out yet?  Okay, enough said.  Breathe.
Let Gunhild Carling give you a much-needed diversion with “Crazy Rhythm,” a patchwork quilt of dynamic music created with the Carling family.
Gunhild Carling on trombone duets with her brother Max Carling on clarinet.  He’s the Swedish Benny Goodman who’s perfect for musical counterpoint.  His beautiful daughter Petronella Carling by his side swings a trombone like it’s nobody’s business.
The talented Mans Persson captures the crazy rhythm on his guitar before passing it to Gerd Carling on the piano.  Hakan Persson mans the drums steadily until he captures the craziness that’s going around.  Max Nordstrom strokes the double bass to keep the beat constant while the rhythm gets crazy wild.
“Crazy Rhythm” originally was a 1928 swing song written by Irving Caesar, Joseph Meyer, and Roger Wolfe Kahn for the Broadway musical “Here’s Howe,” which ran for just 71 performances in May and June 1928.

Gunhild Carling brings out the crazy rhythm in Studio Savoy for our enjoyment.  From Sweden comes the musical diversion that only jazz and swing can create to transport you to a time and place beyond stress.
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Posing in my new Hat 

Bangkok is wonderful. My friend Sing Lim sent me a new hat from Singapore where she lives her husband and three kids.  Lovely color.