Today’s feautered movie is ”Slow and Passionate” Gunhild Carling with Musica Vitae.

Composed by Gunhild Carling a sunny September day in Central Park, Nyc.

”I was a week in New York for a photo shoot, and to participate in a Concert serie called Brazilian Jazz together with Jimmy Duchowny (drums) and David Budway (piano)”.

The film is from 2015 at Ystad theatre together with the great chamber String orchestra Musica Vitae based in Växjö.


Jazz in the garden – Sweet sue

I feel so blessed being surrounded by Amazing Musicians and people. Two weeks ago I had this epic jam session with my nieces Nanna, Petronella and Linnea in Italy. We Were completely overwhelmed that We had 500 000 views in a week !!!

Now Im back in California and Enjoy the sunshine and Wonderful music in my neighbourhood. This movie is recorded in my own garden Where We Are playing ”Sweet Sue” together.

Idun my daughter plays violin and Manav our neighbour who is only 11 years old plays fantastic guitar.

Have a Wonderful weekend !!


Sani Festival, Greece Thessaloniki Aug 3rd