Youtube: Last night I had a dream 

I have been working all week with a song.  I wanted to write music for slide whistle.  I know Louis Armstrong once played slide whistle in buddies habits. 

I wrote the song and recorded it in my garden.  That’s why I have big head phones on. 😀 

I began record the piano and then added a whole bunch of instruments. 

I believe in the inspiration flow.  This song is written and recorded in one afternoon with an inspired nerve. 


Creative day in the studio

After the complete shocking viral hype (15 milj views on bag pipe blues)  from last week I am back in the recording Studio and write new songs. Right now I feel an inspired flow!!!!!
The work name for this weeks song is ” Last Night I had a dream” and I am thinking of mix in some new instrument. I found a Slide Whistle. ( Louis Armstrong played beautiful Slide Whistle)


15 million views!!!! 

What a shock!  

I went on Facebook yesterday and what did I find.  A movie with me and the new York band Swingadelic from central park had over 15 000 000 views. 

Today of copyright reasons I think the movie was taken away.

The photo is from Saturday showing 8 million….. 

Talk about viral!!! 

See the movie here