Titta på ”Gunhild Carling – Lost in a Dream – original composition in impressionistic style” på YouTube

Idag blev det plötsligt kreativ explosion 💥. 

Jag vaknade med ett ryck. Skrev en låt, spelade in den. Hämtade barnen på skolan. Vi gick en promenad. Fotograferade den vackra naturen. Sedan gjorde jag ett fotomontage av bilderna. 

I was crazy creative today. I wrote a song, recorded it, took a pokémon walk with my son where we photographed beautiful surroundings. And here the song is. 

Hope you enjoy it 


Postmodern Jukebox and Gunhild Carling Live in Copenhagen

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to play with Postmodern Jukebox in Copenhagen. It was breathtaking and amazing. Once in a lifetime feeling. 

My appearance is from the show and after you see a few clips from the rehearsal. Very nice ensemble. And what a big audience they attract and amazing….. 😘 Thanks