What a Wonderful world -Gunhild Carling Live

Subscribe on my YouTube! Daily music videos! Gunhild Carling Live is thee tv program for jazz lovers! Every Sunday 8 pm cet you can tune in on fb, yt or gunhildcarling.Net and we play your requests! If you want to support the program! Buy a postcard from the webshop with a personal dedication! Www.gunhildcarling.net/shop Charts to the songs are available on my home page. Www.gunhildcarling.net What a wonderful world is a very often requested song. Here played by Gunhild Carling trumpet, Max Carling sax, Gerd Carling piano, Aina Carling banjo, Håkan Persson bass, Ulf Carling drums

What a wonderful world (C)

What a wonderful worldWhat a wonderful world (C)

What a wonderful world notion

What a wonderful world iRealpro

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