Policoro in Swing

5000 people showed up at the amphitheatre in South Italy’s biggest Swing festival in Policoro.

Our plane was five hours delayed and my luggage was lost. I had to borrow Runes trumpet and buy some dresses in the festival stores

Rune and I taking a walk on the beach

We played outdoors in an amphitheater. Hugh audience showed up and people were dancing till sunrise

I found some hot dresses and my instagram and fb followers could vote which dresss they liked the most !

The red and blue won !

I met so many good friends

Lola London , Italy’s swing queen, Africa Puerta, Gaby Cook, Allesio, Franco,

I really love to play in Italy.

The Carling sisters was great.

Unfortunately Max had an accident with his foot

When we were ready to leave Monday morning my luggage arrived 😂

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