Gunhild Carling Live 52

Gunhild Carling Live 52

Sunday and music is in the air!

Posted by Gunhild Carling on Sonntag, 19. November 2017

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Gunhild Carling trumpet , trombone , vocal,

Max Carling Clarinet, tenor sax , violin

Gerd Carling piano

Ulf Carling drums

Aina Carling Banjo

Max Nordström bass

Guests Idun and Viggo Blome


What a Wonderful world -Gunhild Carling Live

Subscribe on my YouTube! Daily music videos! Gunhild Carling Live is thee tv program for jazz lovers! Every Sunday 8 pm cet you can tune in on fb, yt or gunhildcarling.Net and we play your requests! If you want to support the program! Buy a postcard from the webshop with a personal dedication! Charts to the songs are available on my home page. What a wonderful world is a very often requested song. Here played by Gunhild Carling trumpet, Max Carling sax, Gerd Carling piano, Aina Carling banjo, Håkan Persson bass, Ulf Carling drums

What a wonderful world (C)

What a wonderful worldWhat a wonderful world (C)

What a wonderful world notion

What a wonderful world iRealpro


Gunhild at Playstation Theatre with Postmodern Jukebox in NEW YORK 

buy ticket! 

🇺🇲Tonight I play at the Playstation Theatre on Broadway in New York. There are over 2000 tickets sold!!!!!! I can’t wait to see the band POST MODERN JUKEBOX and meet the audience. Then I go to LA to record a music video and then return to New York to play at the Feinsteins on the 22nd.

🇸🇪Ikväll skall jag spela på Playstation Theatre I new york för flera tusen personer. Jag har blivit inbjuden av amerikanska orkestern Postmodern Jukebox. Jag kommer spela material girl, never er gonna give you up, all about that bass mm

Jag skall åka till Los Angeles i morgon. Och spela in ett par musikvideos.

SEdan åka tillbaka till New York och spela på feinsteins 54 and below

Anledningen till att jag blivit uppmärksammad i USA av post modern jukebox och större scener är min YouTube kanal, där jag i ett års tid gjort en timmes live tv program med vintage musik varje söndag.


”I miss you – original song by Gunhild Carling (photo album)”

Sheet free download! Memory_SHEET_G Memory_SHEET_C Memory_SHEET_B

I have written a lot of love songs. Both sad and glad. I publish my songs every week with photos from the recent tours and daily life.

“I miss you” was written 2014 in October. 

Sheets and charts to the song can be downloaded here Carling song book Ed. 5
(the original title of the song is MEMORY)