Berwaldhallen in Stockholm a success

A full Concert hall could yesterday Enjoy Gunhild Carling & Carling Family at Berwaldhallen Stockholm . Sound by Gert Palmcranz , Guest Pär Stenhammar, Photo Joachim Sandberg, crew BEHIND Bosse Johnson and Lars Sjöberg & Britt Marie


Happy Thanksgiving with Gunhild and Postmodern Jukebox

Dancing Queen with postmodern jukebox On thanksgiving !!!!!! Not bad . Thankyou Scott Bradlee

I love postmodern Jukebox. Scott BRADLEE ( piano genius) had given me so much Joy and legacy around the world . A lot of fans came to My fb yt and IG from Pmj and then descovered me and My music My family etc

One more reason Why i love them is because this video was Published today on Thanks giving.

I personal believe in magic days like holidays, st Valentine birthdays etc etc as days that’s bringing luck .

I am very happy for the video Dancing Queen. Good drumming by Aaron McLendon.

I’m sorry I’m standing in the way so the listeners canot see Scott . Next time I’ll do better 😀

Happy Thanksgiving everybody




New music video – silver sand Merengue

Silver Sand Merengue by Owe Thörnquist

Gunhild Carling – Silver Sand Merengue by Owe Thörnquist


Gunhild Carling tp, voc, tbn

Linnea Carling banjo

Idun Blome tuba

Max Carling clar

Håkan Persson trummor

Recorded in Stockmamöllan july 2018

Mixad av Ernst Samuel Svendsen

Filmed in Garden of Fontainblue, Cupertino CA, oct 2018 by Mattias Roos