A hundred years from Today- Gunhild Carling Live feat Idun and Carling Family


Life is such a great adventure
Learn to live it as you go
No one in the world can censure 
What we do here below

Don’t save your kisses, just pass them around
You’ll find my reason is logic’lly sound
Who’s going to know that you passed them around
A hundred years from today!
Why crave a penthouse that’s fit for a queen
You’re nearer Heaven on Mother Earth’s green
If you had millions what would they all mean
A hundred years from today
So laugh and sing, make love the thing
Be happy while you may
There’s always one, beneath the sun
Who’s bound to make you feel that way
The moon is shining, and that’s a good sign
Cling to me closer and say you’ll be mine
Remember, darling, we won’t see it shine
A hundred years from today
A hundred years from today


Gunhild Carling Piano Chat 6

The songs Are

1. I wish I Were twins

2. I desire you

3. Stars fell on Alabama

4. Clip from last gig in San Diego

5. My first impressions of you

6. Prisoner of Love

7. Clip from circus STOCKHOLM 2016 Love song from the Attic w Gunhild Carling Big Band

8. Doctor Jazz

9. The Chant clip w Carling Family 2018

10. I’m Old fashioned

11. My way Viggo sings at Birdland

12. It’s a sin to tell a lie

13. My old flame

14. Hur har du det med kärleken idag

15. Up a lazy river Carling Family 1993

16 In My Solitude