Gunhilds Sunday poll

Friends !!!!! What dress do you vote for My Paris Concert tonight? Love you all!!!❤️

Gepostet von Gunhild Carling am Sonntag, 9. September 2018

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Photos of the week

We have moved to America California

My first week was a great experience. The amusement park Great America, searching for a New piano, build up a studio . Great neighborhood. Yesterday i was back in Europe again to play in Amsterdam and then Paris .



AMSTERDAM Im so Happy for Having the greatest music to play with the best musicians.

And what a wedding We played at.

Thanks to everybody


Gunhild Carling to New York

NEW YORK FRIENDS!!! PLEASE JOIN US!!! Use the discount code below! Tickets:


CARLING Big Band Live at Fredriksdalsteatern 2012 on youtube, Facebook and Periscope

Gunhild Carling trumpet, trombone, vocal

Trumpets Hans Carling, Erik Berndalen

Trombones Henrik Johnson Håkan Persson

Saxes Max Carling , Mattias Carlsson, Gerd Carling, Håkan Ekwall

Piano sax Nanna Carling

Bass Mattias UNEBACK

Banjo Aina Carling

Drums Ulf Carling


Gunhild Carling moves to San Fransisco

Gunhild Carling moves to San Fransisco.

The 13 years in Stockamöllan has been fanstastic and Creative.

  • 10 Stockamöllan Swing festivals with international jazz artists like Irakli, Toots Thielemann, Aurelia Tropez, Carling Family, Victoria Tolstoy, Claes Crona, Alain Marké, Daniel Barda , Jive Aces, Larry Franco, Paul Harrysson, David Budway, Jimmy Duchowny , Mark Lambert, Gentlemen and Gangsters, Ray Blue, Antti Sarpila

13 Jazz Variety tours every year the Carling Big band set up a New show and toured on theatres and Concert halls all over Sweden and Europe.

  • 80 compositions
  • 100 Tv programs on FB PscTV and YT with Gunhild Carling live!

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Policoro in Swing

5000 people showed up at the amphitheatre in South Italy’s biggest Swing festival in Policoro.

Our plane was five hours delayed and my luggage was lost. I had to borrow Runes trumpet and buy some dresses in the festival stores

Rune and I taking a walk on the beach

We played outdoors in an amphitheater. Hugh audience showed up and people were dancing till sunrise

I found some hot dresses and my instagram and fb followers could vote which dresss they liked the most !

The red and blue won !

I met so many good friends

Lola London , Italy’s swing queen, Africa Puerta, Gaby Cook, Allesio, Franco,

I really love to play in Italy.

The Carling sisters was great.

Unfortunately Max had an accident with his foot

When we were ready to leave Monday morning my luggage arrived 😂


Auvernier Jazz Festival

3000 people in the audience

A Big Stage, A Big Band (Big up band ) moonlight stars, beautiful lake Neuchâtel Auvernier Jazz is a Great festival

Thanks to Organizer Jean Martin

And Thanks to My artist angel

Corinne and Olivier for help with everything from coffee to instruments

I had a great time with Big up Band

And the Audience was the BEST!!!!