Gunhild Carling LIVE #5 on Youtube

TV show for JAZZ Lovers – Gunhild Carling Live 5- dec 4 2016
You can watch the show live sundays 8 pm on my facebook or

White Cliffs of Dover
It Had to be you
Serenade for Bix
Big Butter and Egg Man
Yes sir thats my baby
Pennies from Heaven
I’ve heard that song before
Puttin on the ritz
Shaking the Bangkok etc

Musicians: Gunhild Carling trumpet, trombone, vocal
Ed Epstein saxophones
Måns Persson Guitar
Roger Berg drums
Max Nordström Bass
Svempa Lundeqvist Piano
Idun Blome Vocal
Maria Schilling Vocal

Other guests:
Hebbe sisters Josefin, Emelie, Josefin Hebbe

City of Trees Brass Band from New Orleans
Alan Ferreira – Drums
Josh Cambridge – Trombone
Matt Vollmer – Trumpet
Ben Hillier – Sousaphone

Bengan Jansson Band

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