Titta på ”Every body loves my Baby – Idun vocals – Gunhild Carling Live” på YouTube

Everybody loves my baby is a classic twenties melody that often is requested in our live program.  Here are we starring Idun as vocalist. 

The other musicians are 

GUNHILD Carling trumpet 

Max Carling clarinet,  Idun Blome vocals and trombone,  Gerd Carling piano,  Måns Persson guitar,  Max Nordström bass,  Håkan Persson drums.  

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  1. enjoy your great music I had a 9 piece band in the 1950″ and 60″s and played many of the same songs. I saw a list of your musicians and family, however who do Nanna, Petronella/Permilla, Tomas and Mattias belong to, that is their parents? I live in Nebraska, do you know there is a Gothenburg in Nebraska. I do hope to hear from you.

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