Upcoming Shows

Oct 1st Phoenix Arizona Fat Cat Ballroom
Oct 2ND San Diego CA
Oct 4 Escondido CA
Oct 5th Los Angeles CA


  1. Enrique Mora

    Dear Gunhild. I have found/discovered you and your family show on youtube. All of you are extraordinary talent musics, an a very happy showfamily. Your music-shows makes this world to be more happy and hopeful. Thanks. Could you please tell me if some time are you going to visit Mexico City. I really would like to see and listen all of you on real time. Meanwhile, Happy New year and Merry Christmas.

  2. E. Dean Hall

    I saw this Crazy Cool video on Facebook of Gunhild playing the bagpipes on this great swing tune. I had never seen her before and it was too amazing. When is she coming to Columbus Ohio?

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