Thanks for your support !

Dear Friends/Fans and all you Carling supporters! Thanks for all your donations !!!!

It means the world to us since all gigs are cancelled.

Write your song request with your tip. I will play the song.

Special thank to…

Super sponsors (50$) will get a signed poster from Gunhild and the band.

Super Duper sponsors (100$) will receive a special designed unique art work of Gunhild Carling with signatures !!!

Write your address in the donation so I can send it soon!

Best regards and LOVE



  1. David Wittie


  2. Tim TIckner

    Hi Gunhild, family & the band. Thankyou for all your wonderful music & web shows through these challenging times, it brightens up the day !

    I sent you a tip & message through PayPal earlier for about $150, i hope you received it ok. And it will help you out a little bit.

    Stay safe & keep up the Jazz ! ❤

    1. Gunhild Carling

      Thankyou so much!!!
      It means the world to us. I will send you a poster as thank!!!
      Best regards

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