Live Concerts, jazz clinics, dance, drums, Q&A, Magic and more

Carling take the LIVE streaming TO A NEW level. Now you have the opportunity to Watch Daily jazz. LIVE . Request songs, dance, singalong ! Enjoy!!

SUN Gunhild Carling Live

Gunny and her Gang in the Garden of IDUN. SUNDAYS 12pm (GMT -8)
Idun, Viggo, Manav, Pritish, Cougar, Gunhild and Johan plays and sings in the garden or in Studio Savoy.

SAT Carling Family Live

Carling Family Live from Sweden 7 pm Gmt +1
Aina , Gerd, Petronella , Linnea, Nanna, Max, Ulf

MON Jazz Trombone Q&A

JAZZ TROMBONE Q&A with Cunhild Carling

TUE Jazz Trumpet Q&A

WED Singalong

Sing along with IDUN, GUNHILD and VIGGO 3 pm gmt-8

THUR Magic Show

Max Carling shows Magic trix from the Circus Museum in Ingelsträde Sweden

THUR Concert (#tbt)

Throw back thursday live concert from the archives

FRI Piano Chat

Gunhild plays and sings

SAT language w Gerd

Gerd talks about exciting phenomens in the world of languages. Interviewed by Gunhild.

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  1. Richard Elliott

    The music your family shares is really uplifting and fun. It really helps during this covid-19 pandemic

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