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  1. Good morning, afternoon or good evening. Which ever it might be. We are Bert and Ernie. We are fans in The U.S.A. and frequently comment on your fablous hair and your amazing talent. Your family is so talented.
    I’d like to send you some of our original music. If youd like to recieve it, deop me a line to a mail address and we’ll send you some down home music.

    1. Gunhild Carling

      My adress is

  2. Bill Burton

    I just saw you live this morning on Facebook. Loved the show!
    Where can I send a paypal tip to? I tried gcarling but did not find anything. I want to support your great talent! I saw you three time in San Diego and look forward to you coming Sept 5th to San Diego? Is that right?

    1. Gunhild Carling

      Thankyou !!! You can send paypal to or

  3. Hello Gunhild,

    I so enjoyed all the videos I saw online…sooo darn nice and professional too…OMG…unbelievable talent you got my dear..!
    I am besides a Drmmer/Trumpeter also a Graphic Designer/Art Director and now I noticed you are also a pretty good artist yourself there anything you can’t do Gunhild…lol…??!
    My strongest area was in design of Corporate identity symbols etc. I travelled all over the world in my younger days, Holland,Germany, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Hongkong and Singapore….! I saw a lot of the world anyway..!

    Kind Greetings from Cornelis van Gerwen

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