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Gepostet von Gunhild Carling am Donnerstag, 9. April 2020



  1. Zenon Rypan

    I watched and listened to a huge amount of your instrumental and vocal performances. Dear, you have unique improvisational abilities. And this means that you become a composer of improvisations of famous tunes. It’s as hard to improvise a melody as creating a completely new one. No one in your orchestra is able to improvise melodies with such high art and a beauty as you do. You improvise very easily in Dixieland (on France street in 2017) and Swing styles. I guess you could improvise in bebop style, too. Therefore, I have got an idea: Without leaving, as a leader, your existing orchestra, to start trying yourself to play bebop. I think you understand what I’m talking about. If you do this and if it turns out to succeed, you will instantly transfer to the High Society of Jazz, to such luminaries as Oscar Peterson, Errol Garner, Dizzy Gillespie, Michel Petrucciani, Luca Sestac and many others. No one in the world has ever seen a beautiful woman playing so many instruments, (and what kinds of instruments!!!), and who can also sing! Yes, being a single – this is almost a whole bebop orchestra, alternately playing three instruments plus vocal. You will need only the two – a bass player and drummer and, possibly, a cool pianist. Such a trio (or quartet) will instantly conquer the entire world audience of bebop lovers, who I am, too. Dear, you will not have a price: a young beautiful woman – in bebop jazz! Never seen before!!! You will also gain a fame as the author (composer) of your unique, own improvisations. As I remember, you can sing a la Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme bebop style, too.

    Further. As you possibly know, there is a nice, a very famous song – “Dark Eyes”. So nice, that even bebop jazzmen, such as Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz and Sonny Stitt played it back in 1956. You can listen to them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPbT-96qHZc (Dark Eyes). Many years ago, I was delighted with their performance. Today, I am not so much… Too many repetitions of the same improvisational phrases. And phrases themself are far not so nice as yours. They become very quickly boring and annoying. Instead, when I listen to your improvisations, nothing similar has been with them. When you improvise, I always definitely hear the base of melody, but in a different and beautiful harmony! This is because you have a talent, you feel jazz music deeply. They can’t do always so, despite being considered geniuses in bebop. Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Torme instead, sang very perfectly! They were even friends and sang together.
    So, I’d be very delighted to listen in the future to the bebop band named “Gunhild Carling Quartet”, performing “Dark Eyes”, doing it no shorter, than 12 minutes, as they did.

    I imagine how it might look. You begin to play slowly and not loudly the theme of the melody on the trombone without an orchestra. The very first notes of the song fascinate the public, because the whole world knows this melody and loves it very much. After all, a song is about the Love! The audience is also surprised to see that there are, except of trombone, a trumpet and saxophone (clarinet) nearby … Trombone slowly finishes the theme and Mrs. Gunhild begins to deepen the love theme with vocals, with sad words, also in a slow rhythm, but with orchestras. After a while, the pace of the performance accelerates and a very fast phase begins – a purely bebop performance, but already on the trumpet – the crown Gunhild’s instrument in the style of Dizzy Gillespie: very high, loud notes in the crazy pace of sorting out the notes on the trumpet. The audience is simply amazed at the beauty and variety of phrases of improvisation. Sophisticated in jazz, the public has never before heard such a performance, and even from a woman!!! After two or three minutes of the play, Gunhild abruptly removes upward the trumpet from her lips and with a smile bows to the public. The audience simply explodes with deafening applause, screams of bravo and whistles. The second Gunhild’s hand points with an index finger at the pianist and he immediately intercepts the phenomenal Gunhild’s improvisation on the piano with orchestra, something like between the sharp and rush styles of Oscar Peterson, Luka Sestac and Michel Petrucciani. Gunhild’s kids, seating in fifth row, cry from the happiness… And my eyes, «seating» in sixth row, got wet, too, watching Trumpetist and her kids…
    Second time, Mrs. Gunhild will long sing in the bebop-style of Ella Fitzgerald, without words.

    Sheik of Araby – Gunhild Carling in La Rokebrough France
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    1. Gunhild Carling

      Thankyou so much

  2. Zenon Rypan

    I am living in Chicago for 27 years. Came from West of Ukraine, Lviv city. Engineer and architect. Retired. Almost 80 years old. I like all kinds of music: pop (only American and only highest class of).
    Classic, especially Shopin, and whole jazz, especially bebop. Sreak Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English

    1. Gunhild Carling


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