Friday newsletter

Dear friends and fans !

I’m so happy and thankful for all support from you in April. Let’s keep on with a swinging singing May.

I have written a lot of arrangements and compositions for my quarantine band here.

I also asked in a poll on fb what band name you all out there prefer … and so far CARLINGS Darlings leads with 55 % over Golden Gate ramblers 45%

Final result will be presented next week

What band name do you prefer?

I started a new serie on my Patreon – serenaders club !

It’s for all uke and guitar players / singers . One new great song a week with chord and lyrics and sheet

Birthdays coming up

Uffe and ville 5/5 and 5/3 and my birthday 5/7

Party!!! 💃🏿

So have a wonderful Friday ! I see you at the piano chat Friday and Jazz in the garden Sunday


All the best to you and stay healthy

/ yours Gunny

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