Piano Chat today

Piano chat today !!!

I play song requests !

What do you wanna hear?

Yours Gunny


  1. Jose Boris Faingola

    Hi from Uruguay..
    Congratulatipns Gunhild; you are great !!

  2. supert carling

  3. You are so good at what you do! I comment on your live casts as Bert and Ernie. I too am a musician. I started on drums in 1962 then guitar and bass in 63.
    I saw The Beatles twice, I’ve seen Les Paul as well and any true jazz lover knows Les.
    You, your talented family capture a time that is long gone for the most part. It is obvious that you have a faithful following of fans, and I’m one too.
    I frequently comment ON your fablous hair! But mean no disrespect. Your image as important as your talent. Any performer knows that.
    I still play everyday at some point. I have a home studio and record my own material there. Unfortunately, I’m a two Stroke survivor and can’t play drums like I use to but can still play guitar well.
    I still need allot of takes before I print drum tracks these days.
    You’re a super star and a sweetheart.
    Take care, stay safe and light up the world!

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