Gunhild Carling grew up in a musically family in Sweden. Father Hans Cooling (also known as king of trad jazz) trumpet, mother Aina banjo. Brother Max Carling (clarinet, violin, saxophone)  multi talented Juggler, rope dancer, composer, arranger, Sister Gerd piano, trombone, saxes, dance acrobatics composing, Ulf drums, dance, trumpet, vocal

1982 was first consert at Swing inn in Malmo (Jazz Festival)

1984 First Album (LP) ” I’ve lost my heart in Dixieland” (Phontastic) Recorded by  Gert Palmcrantz.

1985 Carling Family participated in several TV Shows in Sweden and Abroad. Swedish  TV-programs: Nygammalt, Affären Ramel, Café Sundsvall, Vi i femman

Polish TV

Carling Family played at several Jazz festivals  Molde Jazz (Norge), Zlota Tarka (Warszawa), Askersund, Skeppsholmen och Oslo.

1985 Gunhild recieved Louis Armstrong Award.

1986 Second LP released Phontastic

1988 The New Carling Family with Jazz, Swing and a whole lot of Vauddeville has its premiere.

Jazz festivals and Herräng Dance Camp. Carlings has always been a big name in  the vintage sub culture like  Swing dance and Lindy hop.

1990 Tours around the world. Scotland, France, England, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Wales, Denmark, Norway.

International Jazz festivals in  Dresden, Helsinki, London, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris.

1998 Gunhild had a role in The Swedish Telivision Christmas Calendar as Mary

2000 Show at German TV channel RTL

2001 Gunhild formed her own band and played weekly in Student city Lund (John Bull)

2003 Solo carreer with  Papa Bue and his Viking Jazzband, Arne Domnerus, Jan Lundgren, Lars Erstrand, Eddie Davies, Claes Crona, Svante Thuresson m fl. First solo album   “Red Hot Jam”(Music Mecca).

Gunhild created her own big band Shows “JAZZ VARIETÉ”  that became a huge succes and was going on for Fourteen years and touring around the world. First Show was at Lunds Stadsteater dec 2003.

The Peak of the Big Band Show Era was New York 2014 where The band performed for 5000 people at Terminal Five at a Swing Festival (Frankie100)

2004 Carling Family releases a new album   “20th Jubilee” (Jazz Art Sweden/Hep Town Records).  Gunhild was guest with  the  Count Basie Orchestra , played at the United Nations 60 years celebration in New York with Harlem Blues and JAzz Band

2010 Gunhild does a break in TV Show Allsång på skansen (seen by millions) and become known to the whole public.

2014 TV show Dancing with the Stars (Sweden) Gunhild came on 3rd place

Other TV shows like Dining with the stars, Fear Factory, Songwriters Board,


Album Release every year

The Big Band show becomes bigger and bigger. Now incuding dance troups, Circus acrobats and strings

TV and radio every week


Gunhild stars her Youtube TV program ” Gunhild Carling LIVE” a weekly tv program for jazz and vintage lovers and gets several viral hits on Youtube, Facebook and IG.

Her clips on Social media has over 40 Million views.

Guest with the American Band Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox.

Gunhild has together with PMJ published five music videos,  9 million viewsmade over 40  shows all over America and Europe.


Americas Got Talent, Gunhild tours over America as the Swede’ns Queen of Swing