Gunnys news – Gunhild’s painted newsletter no 19

Gunnys news number 19 June 12th 2020- The painted weekly newsletter about the Swedish JAZZ star Gunhild Carling

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another Friday with me. This week has been wonderful creative.I have been sewing dresses and shirts and play suits.I compose the song a summer night song.
It was a pleasure to release the new song AlienStomp. The kids had class for Doreen who lives in New Orleans and in my eyes she’s the greatest creole clarinet player nowadays.

I have also written a few scores for the band and I’ve uploaded some on my Patreon site. This week I also started with a for patreons only show Tuesday’s.

This week I figured out how to upload my music in music XML form so anyone can download my scores and edit them suitable for their band .

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At the Jazz band ball hits 140 000 views

Words & Music by Gunhild Carling vocals, trumpet, trombone, recorder, organ, slide whistle , Manav Budhrani banjo, Dave Tedeshi drums, Adam Kubota bass, Max Carling Clar
Listen here on spotify

IDUN and Viggo has the great opportunity to study for Doreen Ketchens from New Orleans. I met her years ago in Denmark at riverboat Jazz festival , Silkeborg. It was really inspiring and motivating. See Doreen play here

Congratulations to Petronella for graduating from high school in Sweden
See the graduation here

The gunny tshirt has been a success
Order you T-shirt here

The wardrobe is slowly growing. I’m sewing new dresses and shirts and skirts every week. Premiere for a new collection Sunday !!!


Happy friday with GUNNY’s News

Dear friends, fans and Family,

This week was very sunny and i had the opportunity to skate with my New inlines hours every day.

We live in Cupertino outside San Francisco and its the city Where Apple has high quarter. Noone works there nowadays during Corona so i could ( together w my Family ) skate on the parking place Which is huge.

Jazz in the earbuds makes it even better . Always!

I have Composed and Max Carling asked Me if i could write a piece for his CHAMBER Orchestra in Sweden so i have been busy with that, also my friend Anastasia Ivanova in Moscow is doing a collaboration online with a song . Also my friend Jimmy Duchowny in Sao Paolo wants to collaborate… So I have wonderful things to work with

Thanks for beautiful sunshine ☀️ every day.

60 000 views in 5 days!!!!

Can you believe ???

The latest CARLINGS Darlings movie AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL had almost 60 000 views in five days . That’s kind of a record ( after Jazz me blues )

Hopefully we can make it to 100 000

Happy birthdays!!’

Wonderful jazz star ⭐️ Petronella has birthday today 18 years !!!!

And next Tuesday June 2nd the biggest LOVE OF MY LIFE

Idun turns 15

She is such a star and beautiful soul.

Happy birthday !!!

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to join my jazz class on

See you Friday and Sunday