Friday newsletter

Dear friends and fans !

I’m so happy and thankful for all support from you in April. Let’s keep on with a swinging singing May.

I have written a lot of arrangements and compositions for my quarantine band here.

I also asked in a poll on fb what band name you all out there prefer … and so far CARLINGS Darlings leads with 55 % over Golden Gate ramblers 45%

Final result will be presented next week

What band name do you prefer?

I started a new serie on my Patreon – serenaders club !

It’s for all uke and guitar players / singers . One new great song a week with chord and lyrics and sheet

Birthdays coming up

Uffe and ville 5/5 and 5/3 and my birthday 5/7

Party!!! 💃🏿

So have a wonderful Friday ! I see you at the piano chat Friday and Jazz in the garden Sunday


All the best to you and stay healthy

/ yours Gunny


Newsletter of the week / GUNNY’S news

Ladies and Gentlemen ! Dear fans & friends.

Finally Friday and we can look back on another week and relax and look forward to a weekend full of nice things to throw ourselves into.

Here is some reading pleasure for you!


a painted weekly newsletter/poster with smoking hot updates about gunhild and her band. 😀

What a week it’s been. I have been overwhelmed with happiness (and work 😅) to make the Patreon jazz class work and I’m so happy for all you new patrons coming in !!! Thanks a lot ! We gonna have so much fun !

Face masks

We have created 50 face masks to send as give away to John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore

Thanks to Idun, Viggo and Manav and Pritish for help

Daily live streams !



Thanks for a wonderful week

Hello jazz cats !!! Thanks for a wonderful week. We were streaming live on all Gunhild Carling social media channels ( yt, fb, periscope ) and reached over 10 mn people


The donations means the world to us since all concerts are cancelled throughout the summer ☹️

Thankyou so much ! ❤️🥰❤️🥰😘

The fb- video hit of the week was

When my dreamboat comes home !

Happy Easter – Jazz from the quarantine – California Gunhild Carling cornet and Vocal- Idun Carling trombone, Viggo…

Gepostet von Gunhild Carling am Freitag, 10. April 2020

Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow again with my trombone Q&A


Stay healthy