Magic Show and Big Band concert in stream today

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We have the idea and goal to fill the air with music and art every day to make you feel good and happy and just relax.

Today we will stream two events!

MAGIC SHOW w MAX CARLING 7 pm Swedish time (GMT +1)

CARLING BIG BAND JAZZ VARIETY 12 pm GMT -8 from 2012 in Borås Filmed by late Juha Sillanpää

Concert with Gunhild and the Carling Big Band 12 pm GMT -8


Sing Along with IDUN, VIGGO & GUNHILD today 3 pm (gmt-8)

Ladies and Gentlemen !!! Happy April 1st. !!!! Im so Happy for the following of my Daily music Streamingmetoder on Facebook and Youtube !!!! Let’s fill the air with happy music !!!! Today is IDUN and VIGGO guesting the studio in a SINGALONG !!!
3 pm West Coast time (GMT-8)
The theme of today Will be boat and any song connected to sailing …. ocean etc
Requests your song Here !!!! w the CARLINGS Facebook


Live Concerts, jazz clinics, dance, drums, Q&A, Magic and more

Carling take the LIVE streaming TO A NEW level. Now you have the opportunity to Watch Daily jazz. LIVE . Request songs, dance, singalong ! Enjoy!!

SUN Gunhild Carling Live

Gunny and her Gang in the Garden of IDUN. SUNDAYS 12pm (GMT -8)
Idun, Viggo, Manav, Pritish, Cougar, Gunhild and Johan plays and sings in the garden or in Studio Savoy.

SAT Carling Family Live

Carling Family Live from Sweden 7 pm Gmt +1
Aina , Gerd, Petronella , Linnea, Nanna, Max, Ulf

MON Jazz Trombone Q&A

JAZZ TROMBONE Q&A with Cunhild Carling

TUE Jazz Trumpet Q&A

WED Singalong

Sing along with IDUN, GUNHILD and VIGGO 3 pm gmt-8

THUR Magic Show

Max Carling shows Magic trix from the Circus Museum in Ingelsträde Sweden

THUR Concert (#tbt)

Throw back thursday live concert from the archives

FRI Piano Chat

Gunhild plays and sings

SAT language w Gerd

Gerd talks about exciting phenomens in the world of languages. Interviewed by Gunhild.


Live today on YT and FB – JAZZ trumpet Q&A (Bix) – special guest Josh Duffee

Live today on YT and FB – JAZZ trumpet Q&A (Bix) – special guest Josh Duffee

Jazz trumpet QnA-Bix

Jazz trumpet QnA-BixPay PAL Gunhild Support us song@gunhildcarling.netAnd special guest Josh Duffy

Gepostet von Gunhild Carling am Dienstag, 24. März 2020

Support us PAY PAL VENMO @Gunhild-Carling  Josh Duffee PAY PAL

Live stream today with trumpet and Bix style in focus.

Special guest Josh Duffee

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