Live today on YT and FB – JAZZ trumpet Q&A (Bix) – special guest Josh Duffee

Live today on YT and FB – JAZZ trumpet Q&A (Bix) – special guest Josh Duffee

Jazz trumpet QnA-Bix

Jazz trumpet QnA-BixPay PAL Gunhild Support us song@gunhildcarling.netAnd special guest Josh Duffy

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Live stream today with trumpet and Bix style in focus.

Special guest Josh Duffee

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Jazz in the Garden – Live !!

We Are in the Garden of IDUN and play some jazz for all the people in Quarantene. We all live in same house

Idun trombone, Gunhild, Viggo, Pritish, Manav and Cougar

Gunhild Carling – live

Gunhild Carling – live

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Gunhild Carling – live

Gunhild Carling – live

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Gunhild Carling News Letter – Gunny’s News March 20, 2020


🎺 Upcoming SHOWS on YT & FB,

📖 a New GUNNY’s NEWS Out!

😢 The Great Juggler and Entertainer Röde Mask passed away ,

👀 QARANTEENE CONCERTS , Carling Family LIVE Saturday,

🎓 new SCORES up  at,

🌎 GUNHILD streams LIVE 3 x/week!

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Dear Friends/Fans/Family!!

I hope you are healthy. We are doing all we can to fight eventual Corona-depression. Schools are closed, Stores are shut down, shows are cancelled. People are recomended to stay home. So Lets fill the air with happy music.

🎺 Open air CONCERT today!!!

The Show today will be at 3 pm LA/SF time. We will play in the beautiful garden . People can listen from their balconys. 🙂 You are all welcome to join us. Online on Youtube and Facebook: Other upcoming Shows this week is

Open air music listen Here !

Gunhild Carling LIVE , SUNDAY 12 pm ,

Vocal Time Wednesday 12 pm  (with Idun and Viggo)

Piano Chat Friday 3 pm (LA/SF)


📖 Gunny’s NEWS 7


😢 Juggler of the Carling Show “Röde Mask” died.

We are sad to announce that the charismatic juggler and entertainer, comedian Röde Mask passed away yesterday. Röde mask was One of the Big attractions at the Carling festivals. He has been ill for almost two years suffering from brain tumor. Last show with Röde Mask was in Gislaved summer 2018.  He was a unique performer and philosofer. R.I.P

🎬 New  CARLING FAMILY on Youtube!

In the weeks Youtube video we will hear Carling play “Big Butter and Egg man” from a Live Concert in Dresden.

Gunhild Carling trumpet, Max Carling clarinet, Nanna Carling soprano sax, Rune Källen piano, Håkan Persson bass, Ulf Carling drums, Aina Carling banjo.

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